Diesel costs - UK vs Europe

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We went for a diesel car recently, in part because of the better fuel economy but what's the deal with diesel in Europe being cheaper than petrol while here it is more expensive?

We were running late for the Ferry in France so didn't have the opportunity to save some hard earned 'pennies' in France but let's do the sums: 

  • On arrival in the UK we filled up in Tesco Dover - £40 @ £1.46 (just checking price online at http://www.whatgas.com/fuel/tesco.html) meaning we stuck 27.4 litres into the car.
  • In France/ Germany/ Belgium/ Holland the prices seemed similar (I wasn't avidly checking every 5 mins!) around the 1.35-1.45 euro/L mark.
  • Taking the lower figure the same fuel would have cost 37 euros
  • Which equates to almost £32 - 20% cheaper if I've got my sums right, and it would be embarrassing if I hadn't!
  • So, the message is to fill up in Europe for the short term at least!


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