Giant Escape 3 Hybrid

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I bought a Giant Escape 3 hybrid as a late birthday present for myself late last year. It was the 2015 model at a decent discount in the Tredz sales, having had good service from Tredz in the past when I bought a Saracen Esc hybrid a couple of years ago. I bought the Giant with a view to replacing the Saracen mid term and as a back up bike in the interim but as it happens, the Saracen chainset developed an issue which had pressed the Giant into full time action earlier than expected. I say 'full time' but as I work from home it really is a couple of miles with my boy to school and on to the gym and back in the morning, as well as the collect school run/ cycle in the afternoon.

First impressions of the Giant included that it was a little heavier than expected, certainly heavier than the Saracen, but perhaps unsurprisingly a little more solid accordingly. Surprisingly therefore I find the Giant a little more 'twitchy' than the Saracen - a little more difficult to manouevre. The Saracen was/ is a lovely ride but has needed a fair bit of maintenance, despite relatively light, though daily use. I hope the Giant will be better in this regard, though the chainset has already developed an intermittent clicking which isnl't the best of signs. Question for Tredz on this - can I take the bike into my local Cardiff store for a 3 month service/ to look at these issues.

One annoyance was a related mudguard purchase. I've had problems with ill-fitting mudguards before and a generic set I had hanging around didn't fit so I popped straight on the Tredz website to order  a mudguard set from Giant that was supposedly specificaly designed to fit my new bike, i.e. from Tredz at (Giant Speedshield 700 Tour mudguards). 'Fitting is simple and quick so you can get out riding straight away.' No, these mudguards do not fit the Giant Escape 3 2015! Also annoyingly you have to pay the postage if you want to return them to Tredz.

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