Giant Escape 3 Hybrid (Update)

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This is a brief update to my initial 'review' of my Escape 3 hybrid, the base model in Escape series of bikes from Giant. I'm now approaching 2 years of ownership involving use 3 or 4 times per week on average, for smaller, utility rides, and I could hardly be happier with the bike. There've been very few punctures - one at most, from memory though I get bikes mixed up so it could easily be none, and this compares very well with the previous Saracen (which, incidentally, I had properly serviced at my local bike shop and have handed on to my daughter for use). The Giant could now probably do with a fuller service but seems happy enough with my own very limited maintenance thus far. I've replaced the brake blocks once over the period. They are due another change. 

As mentioned in my initial review the bike does cycle pretty heavy and I wouldn't put it in the 'sports' category of hybrid bike. This is not a big issue with the poor condition of Cardiff roads and I might even consider the additional weight of suspension forks for my next hybrid. Though the Giant has plenty of life left in it, I do like new toys.

I haven't explained my bike purchasing policy. I tend to buy last year's model or demo bikes to save a bit of money. I don't like to spend much more than £300 on bike, preferably less, mainly due to the level of activity of bike thieves in Cardiff. I picked up a 29" MTB with suspension and hydraulic discs for not much more than £200, so it can be done. Though that was pretty lucky, admittedly. That MTB has only been ridden once so far, by the way, so I really shouldn't be buying any more bikes! I wanted to give disc brakes a go and see if they were worth it but I'm not actually using the bike enough yet. Partly as it looks more like a £450 bike so I am reluctant to leave it anywhere! See my earlier point.

Still no close fitting mudguards by the way - my only real annoyance that the recommended mudguards didn't fit remains!

In summary, if another, higher spec'd Giant comes up at 40% off it would be rude not to.

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