Further adventures with localisation of resources

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You may recall from http://www.chrissully.co.uk/Blog/post/2013/02/04/Resource-Files-Usage-Notes that I was successfully able to get intellisense working for local resource files in visual studio 2012 with MVC4. More recently I wanted to get this working in a webforms project but this is proving problematic as the access modifier option is greyed out in Visual Studio (2012): 

 and, perhaps consequently, the normal properties of the resource file I would expect are not exposed: 

I tried in a previous version of Visual Studio as well as on another machine. For expediency I am now giving up and resorting to the standard, out of the box access mechanism but am popping this records here a) for my reference and b) in case someone can assist. 



(bit of a filtered google view, sorry)





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