I primarily spend my working time capturing requirements for, architecting and developing software solutions on behalf of clients via my company, Propona. I have occasionally written related articles, though few recently, with a focus on the technical. See the portfolio for examples of Propona's projects over the years. We're a small company, particularly so currently, so I was involved with almost all of the projects to a variety of degrees and in a variety of capacities. I've been involved in pretty much all aspects of the IT project lifecycle over the years from UI design to project management. On the technology front I'm still basically a 'web guy' on the Microsoft stack (ASP.NET/ SQLServer) though I like playing/ working with the new toys if given the chance, e.g. HTML5, Azure, Office365, SharePoint, Windows 8. I've been told I'm pretty good at requirements analysis, which remains the most important part of the project lifecycle, so that's good.

I'm rarely not looking for new work in one form or another so if you are interested in employing me on any of the following, overlapping bases I would strongly suggest you get in touch: project based work, consultancy, freelance, part-time, contract. It would be remiss of me not mention at this juncture that I'm not at all keen on regular, rush hour commuting (unless by bike or foot!) so I would, for example, only consider contract positions in Cardiff.

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