I have a family that largely ensure my free time is rarely that free. I wouldn't have it any other way though playing taxi driver to an 11 year old sportsman can be wearing on occasion (5 football sessions and 2 rugby sessions this week, for example).

I do try and make time for exercise almost daily as it helps keep me sane, as my wife will testify to. I work from my home office but cycle to the gym most days - unsurprisingly therefore I have developed a bit of a bee in my bonnet about poor driving standards, 'car culture', the lack of enforcement of illegal driver behaviour as well as the related area of sustainable transport development/ liveable cities.

I have learnt Welsh as an adult. I am not (yet) fluent because I haven't and don't practice sufficiently. Learning Welsh & more about Welsh history has, in part, led to me becoming more politically involved, albeit from a pretty ignorant starting position, and not just in regards to being very pro Welsh language.

I don't like football. I do like rugby. Though I watch my son playing both. In fact, watching my son's team playing rugby is frequently more satisfying than watching the Cardiff Blues!;(

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