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Me, Myself and I

I am Dr Christopher Sully (MCPD, MCSD) and I am a Cardiff, UK based IT Consultant of over 16 years industry experience. During this time I've worked mainly on web application projects utilising Microsoft products and technologies: principally ASP.NET and SQL Server and working on all phases of the project lifecycle often involving a not insignificant amount of technical writing which complements my other publishing activities. If you might like to utilise some of the aforementioned experience I would strongly recommend that you contact me.

The photos above, by the way, are a few of the better, relatively recent snaps of mine.


This Site

This site, at the time of writing at least, uses HTML5, CSS3, Skeleton and ASP.NET 4.5 web forms. Webforms simply because my last file-new project template was MVC4 and I like to vary the ASP.NET technologies. HTML5 CSS3 and Skeleton because I was due a little focus on client side development ... after all, this is where I started 20 years ago. Things have changed a bit. Skeleton is an example of a responsive design framework that uses various techniques to elegantly scale to downsized browser windows, tablets, mobile phones (in landscape and portrait). Go on - try scaling your browser window down in size and see what happens. Or try this site in your mobile phone. Note that you will need IE9 or a similarly HTML5/ CSS3 compliant browser - IE8 or similar will not cut the mustard. Obviously all this is increasingly important in this multi-device world. More detail is available within the news article I wrote or the very similar blog entry! The next project might be to similarly convert over our in-house CMS, or perhaps onto Windows 8, Windows Phone, Azure or a.n.other on my technology 'to do' list.

*29/04/15* I had a quick play with a 'parallax' version of this page if you would like to take a look.

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