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Me, Myself and I

(Last updated: 30/09/2020)

I am Dr Christopher Sully (MCPD, MCSD, Certified ScrumMaster, etc.) and I am a Cardiff based software developer of over 25 years industry experience. During this time I've worked mainly on web application projects utilising Microsoft products and technologies: principally ASP.NET (in various forms) and SQL Server (which has changed less) and working on all phases of the project lifecycle, from requirements analysis through to testing and support as well as team and project management.

My Ph.D. was focussed on solving regression problems with Artificial Neural Networks, nowadays aka Machine Learning aka Data Science. These areas remain interests of mine.

If you might like to utilise some of the aforementioned experience I would strongly recommend that you take a look at my work details and then contact me.

The photos above, by the way, are a few of the better, not so recent snaps of mine.


This Site

So this site dates back to 2014 when the latest & greatest included HTML5, CSS3, Skeleton and ASP.NET 4.5 web forms, so these are what this site are built with until I next use it as a playground. Web forms simply because my last file-new project template was MVC4 and I like to vary the ASP.NET technologies.

*29/04/15* I had a quick play with a 'parallax' version of this page if you would like to take a look.

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